What motivated you to start at AFS?

I started at AFS looking for a new challenge; something to shake up my exercise routine and give me different results than I had seen in the past. I have been active my whole life, playing sports as a kid, and working part-time as a spinning instructor through grad school. Before I started at AFS, I had cardio down. But I wasn’t seeing changes in my body, even with countless hours logged on a spin bike and casual pilates in my basement. I’ve always been interested in strength training, but was afraid of feeling like a fish out of water at a regular gym or causing old injuries to get worse. My dad was an AFS client a few years ago, and raved about it, so I thought this would be a great place to get the guidance and new challenge I was looking for.

How is your life different now?

Not only does my body look and feel different (hello, abs!), but also my confidence has grown exponentially since I started at AFS. I can walk into a gym and feel like I fit in, particularly in the weights section. I love being strong, and knowing what my body can accomplish. Even though exercise has always been a part of my routine, gaining new skills and setting goals at AFS has made it feel more exciting and sustainable in the long run.

What was your biggest obstacle you overcame to achieve your success?

Aside from the usual stress of day-to-day life that presents challenges in prioritizing healthy habits (since starting at AFS I graduated with my Master’s and started a new full-time job), the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is my own self-critical, perfectionist brain. This is something I’ll always be working on, as it’s only human, but gaining literal muscular strength and mental strength has made it a lot easier. I’ve learned that as important as hitting my macros is for reaching weight loss or muscle gain goals, it’s just as important to be flexible and enjoy eating out with friends and eating the pie on Thanksgiving. Success no longer equals perfection. Success = balance.

What is your “WHY”?

Exercise is now my number 1 form of self-care. Being able to shut my brain off at the end of the day and come to AFS and take a class, or go lift weights at the gym, allows me to leave work at work and prioritize my physical and mental health. It makes me happy, confident, and proud. It also happens to be fun, which definitely helps with sustainability and consistency.

What advice would you give others looking to start at AFS?

I would say to just go all in. I understand that daunting feeling of starting something new, and worrying about standing out and not being good enough, but AFS makes it easy to jump in at any level. Utilize your trainers and practitioner, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and need. AFS is a super friendly and supportive environment, whether you’ve never picked up a dumbbell in your life, or you’ve ran a marathon. I’ve been dealing with multiple injuries since I started at AFS and Claire and the other trainers have been so helpful with giving me modifications and adjusting my plan so that I can still get in a great workout and hit my goals.

Kathryn's Stats


Arguably the most impressive thing about Kathryn's numbers, is that all of her weight reduction has come from fat mass, and in addition she was able to increase her skeletal muscle mass by 2 lbs. throughout the process!

I'm Kathryn's Trainer, Claire Trapp

"Kathryn's success is all about balance. It's about hitting her exercise and nutrition goals, but also allowing herself to maintain a social calendar outside of the gym and treat herself from time to time. I think what has really attributed to her sustained success has been her trust in the process and consistent communication. No matter what we have meetings every 6 weeks. She understands the power of meeting with a coach beyond just body composition assessments. Kathryn is doing the process. Utilizing every tool that AFS has and openly communicating her needs. Five Stars!!!"

Kathryn Today

Kathryn's success is a testament to her mindset and self-awareness. Being able to recognize your own mental barriers and fears, and then channel them in a healthy manner is certainly not an easy thing to do, but allows for tremendous growth.