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Yoga is meant to be a moving meditation. However, it’s easy to get caught up in not fully understanding the poses, lose your breath, and feel too distracted to really soak in the message/feeling of the practice. Once we slow down, truly learn each pose, the poses can become like second nature and we can focus more of our energy inward.


The Foundations of Yoga Workshop is meant to help guide you at a slower pace in order to feel more confident and comfortable with this unique practice.

My hope is that you leave this workshop with a better understanding of the foundational poses and you are able to discover your personal practice. I hope you feel more empowered to continue evolving yourself in mind, body, and heart.

– Trainer Eileen McNally

What’s Included

Initially, you will be a part of a zoom call with Eileen to discuss your goals and why you decided to join the workshop.

50+ page ebook:

  • Foundational poses, breathing techniques, flows, and modifications
  • Photos and words/cues to breakdown each pose

Instructional Videos:

  • 10 pre-recorded videos (broken into weekly segments) so you can follow along and practice with her
  • Eileen with discuss critical cues and modifications for each pose
  • Weekly suggested yoga classes to practice

WEEK ONE: breathing techniques, warm up flows, and restorative poses

WEEK TWO: how to chaturanga, foundational poses Part 1, Sun A and Sun B

WEEK THREE: foundational poses Part 2, linking breath with movement Sun C, and yin poses

WEEK FOUR: balancing poses, Sun D, and putting it all together

Weekly GROUP zoom meetings for Q & A:

  • 45 min – 1 hour
  • 7 people at a time (schedule/sign up for time slot on each weekend)
  • Opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity
  • Help with modifying poses


  • You will be added to the Facebook Group for continued support and updates throughout the week.
  • I will also offer LIVE pop-up instructional classes each week.
  • You will be able to connect with others for accountability and encouragement.


  • Kickoff Meeting: Monday, February 15th @ 7pm
  • Start Date: Wednesday, February 24th @ 7pm
  • End Date: Wednesday, March 17th @ 7pm
  • Price:  $175
  • Registration ends: Sunday, February 14th
  • Fill out the form below to register

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