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Here are some common questions we get about AFS’ services and philosophy. Need more depth? shoot as an email at


what makes this different from personal training?

Well, when it comes to the actual experience, it’s not much different. That’s on purpose! When we designed our program we wanted to make the personal training experience (and education that comes with it) accessible to more people who need it. So, we found a clever way to train our folks in groups, take away some of the cost and keep the good stuff (guidance, safety, support, etc). 

How is my program designed to meet my goals?

Our promise to our members is to provide unconditional support that moves you. In order to keep that promise, we’ve arranged our procedures and operations to prioritize humanity. This means we take the time to learn about you as a person. Injury history, past successes, failures, and the little thing called life in between. We take that understanding of you and plug it into our understanding of exercise science, behavior change, and lifestyle. Out comes a program with a purpose..And it has your name on it. 

I’ve never done strength training before and I’m not sure if it’s for me.

You’ve come to the right place good friend! We have no expectation you’ve ever set foot in a weight room. That’s why we’re here to guide you. Whether you have experience or you don’t, we’ll meet you where you are and give you the opportunity to elevate your confidence in the gym, and more importantly in yourself.

How does a family membership work?

In our new unlimited structure,  add-on pricing is very simple:

Each family member add on: $149.


What if I have injuries or limitations?

You’re human, who doesn’t?! In all seriousness, we take our role as your guide very seriously. It is our job to keep you safe, to put you in situations to grow, recover, and come back stronger. We make hundreds of modifications every day and don’t forget, we’ll be building your program around your unique situation anyway, so we’ve got you! Did I mention our coaches are certified AND degreed?

what about aerobic exercise?

You’ll have unlimited access to our fun and dynamic HIIT circuit training classes. We run them all week and you can drop in any time we’re open to fit one in. Do as many as you want, it’s included in your membership!

How do you sign in for a strength class?

We have an app to make this easy! You are NOT REQUIRED to sign up for standing times as we will have open slots for you to sign into as late as an hour before your desired class. Single classes can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. If you’re new, we’ll walk you through this when you get started!

I have a weight loss goal, can you still help me?

Absolutely! In general, strength training is excellent for ramping up your daily basal metabolic rate. Translation: adding lean tissue to your body will rev up your metabolism- not just when you’re working out, but when you’re going about your activities of daily life, which happens to be the greatest contributor to our overall energy expenditure each day! For those looking for a workout that’s faster paced, to burn more calories, we have you covered there too and can prescribe you a heart pumping workout with fun and challenging super sets, intervals, and more. Finally, to address your nutritional needs (which are so critical for weight loss) our coaches are trained in nutritional counseling and behavior modification, for those needing even a little more nutritional assistance our coaches can refer you to one of in-network registered dieticians (both of these services for an additional fee).

Do i have to sign a contract

All of our memberships are month to month. We go out of our way to not confuse and frustrate our clients with odd (sneaky) policies. If we have any policy (membership or otherwise) that doesn’t make good sense to you, we want to hear about it right away (

Can I do the virtual membership only?

Yes, this is remain $35/month.

I want to bring a friend, how do I do that?

Just shoot your facility GM an email and cc your friend and we’ll make sure to help accommodate.

Ann Arbor:


What's the education of your staff?

AFS has many important ties to the academic institutions in geographic proximity to our locations. University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and Oakland University to name a few. Thanks to a successful internship program we often get the best of the best coming out of the exercise science and wellness programs in these schools. Beyond that, we are an organization that cares deeply about education. Our founder (Michael Stack) is actually a professor at both EMU and UofM. Our weekly email threads are basically an exchange of the latest nerdy fitness topics. 

Book smarts aside, AFS is a place where we push our people to be better people. Our teams come to us with a vast amount of knowledge, they leave us with the perspective to know how to connect with other humans so they can actually use it. 

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