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Expanding our trusted network to you!

Let’s face it, life throws curveballs and fitness is not always the top priority. When the basement floods, the heat/AC stops working, or the roof leaks, the last thing on your mind is, “When can I get my workout in today?” Those time sensitive problems need to be dealt with and quickly. After 14 years of business, we’ve handled our fair share of these challenges. But those challenges also introduced us to businesses right here in our community that handle their clients with the same care and attention that we try to bring to our clients.

By choosing one of our trusted partners to help solve your problem, you’re also making a decision to support quality local businesses while also supporting your Agents of Change right here at AFS!

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In Network Real Estate

Food, shelter and water: the three basic needs all humans need to survive and thrive. We’ve dabbled in helping you with your food choices and have encouraged you to drink more water, but now we can even help with your real estate needs! AFS is proud to introduce you to the team at In Network Real Estate. This team has proven, time and time again, to be one of the most elite teams of agents in the state of Michigan. In Network Real Estate has become our go-to real estate team for any of our personal and business needs. If you, your family, or your friends are looking for a top notch agent with the care and compassion you’re used to from our own Agents of Change, we would be happy to make that introduction. We’re excited and proud to have In Network Real Estate as a respected and trusted partner of AFS.

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Roof Advisor

Roof Advisor

If AFS were a roofing company, this would be us! Roof Advisor is not your typical “roofing company.” They advise clients, providing the best solution based on their individual roof system, budget, and property maintenance goals.

Their Mission is to provide a premium roofing solution focused on creating and maintaining healthy roof systems to extend roof system life and protect property. Roof Advisor’s all-inclusive services are designed to identify and remedy roofing system deficiencies prior to failure, providing convenience, exemplary customer service, and value. Let Roof Advisor care for your roof… you enjoy your property!

Roof Advisor is a respected and trusted partner of AFS. We would be happy to connect you for any roofing needs!

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Instruction Construction Management

Instruction Construction Management

Water damage? Fire or smoke damage? We’ve got you covered! Insurance Construction Management is a fully licensed and insured general contractor specializing in all aspects of construction and insurance restoration. They specialize in all aspects of restoration reconstruction. If your property has been damaged due to fire, smoke, water, ice, wind or hail, Insurance Construction management is here to help.

Insurance Construction Management is a respected and trusted partner of AFS. We would be happy to connect you for any restoration needs!

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