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Accountability is Calling: Five Ways Fitness Coaches Keep You on Track

Five Ways Fitness Coaches Keep You on Track Most people know they should exercise more. In fact, most people even have a basic idea of what they should be doing for exercise. The challenge is less knowing what to do, and more doing what we already know. This knowing-doing gap can be closed off by […]

How the Fitness Industry Failed The Majority of Americans

How the Fitness Industry has Failed If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that the fitness industry has failed you. I can make this statement with a great deal of confidence given that less than 20% of Americans go to gyms and fitness centers. Some in the fitness industry might find this statistic […]

5 Steps Fitness Coaches Use to Get You Back to the Gym After an Injury

Get Back To The Gym In 5 Steps The inevitable reality of aging is that aches, pains, and injuries occur. Not only are these annoying and disruptive to our daily routines, they can throw our workout programs for a loop. In fact, some of you reading this may have so many aches and pains that […]

Your Pelvic Floor: Breath & Stretch

Importance of the Pelvic Floor

Part 1 Pelvic Floor Care: Breath & Stretch   Introduction: In this article, Claire Baker explains the basics of how the pelvic floor functions during breathing and how it is important to relax and encourage mobility in the pelvic floor, as this can help with issues such as back pain, hip/leg pain, and constipation. She […]

5 of the Best Personal Training Benefits

Personal Training Benefits We all know that working out can be a great way to stay healthy, build strength, and stay motivated while reaching your fitness goals, but it can also be difficult to stay on track. That’s where a personal trainer comes in. When you work with a personal trainer, you benefit from individualized […]

Top 5 Footwear for Females in Fitness

Introduction In 2023, the active woman will have a multitude of fabulous choices when it comes to fitness shoes. Today’s companies are making shoes that are specifically designed for women’s workouts, offering superior grip, cushioning, stability, comfort, and more. With all of these options, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose. Fortunately, […]

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