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Is Soreness an Indicator of a Good Workout??

“I didn’t get a good workout, I don’t feel anything. The weight was heavy but I am just not sore at all.” OR… “I had the best workout ever yesterday!! I am so sore I can barely walk!!” To be sore, or not to be sore, that is the question! While best Aussie online casino […]

March is Health Care Month at AFS

To the health care worker, If you haven’t heard it yet today: thank you. Thank you for your bravery on the front lines of one of the most challenging years (yes, it’s been over two years now) many of us have experienced. COVID came in and you banded together in what some would consider an […]

Shoulder Impingement-Identifying and Alleviating

The shoulder is one of the most common areas of chronic upper body pain, particularly among an exercising population. A low-grade shoulder ache can progress quickly to more severe pain if not treated properly. However, an understanding of the basic mechanism of chronic shoulder pain, as well as simple treatment options, can stop shoulder pain […]

BLNDxAFS: Yoga & Acceptance Event

Yoga and Acceptance: Moving Toward Psychological Flexibility Join Eileen McNally from Applied Fitness Solutions and John Evans from BLND for workshop series that combines Yoga and Mindfulness with ACT principles of Attention, Values, Mindfulness, and Defusion. Overview What is Psychological Flexibility? In short, it is the ability to act mindfully, guided by our values. Ok. […]

AFS Rochester Is Moving

WE HAVE UPDATES! Thanks to all for your patience as we’ve worked toward getting our new location at Four80 Fitness ready to roll! We have found an appropriate fix for our floor, found the right professional, and rescheduled all of our moving teams to allow us to open at the new location on WED JULY […]

AFS at Four80 Fitness

New Beginnings Hi! I’m Jared, the guy in the picture above these words. Five years ago I moved back home (to Rochester) to open my own Applied Fitness Solutions location after working at our headquarters in Ann Arbor since it started back in late 2008. If you’re reading this, you’re here because you’ve heard we’re […]

AFS 2.0

  Rebuilding Stronger As the tides of the Covid-19 era continue to recede, we find ourselves still standing here at AFS. Before going further with this message, it’s incredibly important we acknowledge our community for being solely responsible for getting us through. There are no words that measure up to the immense amount of good […]

Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga +Meditation

  Take time this Valentine’s Day to slow down with someone you love. It’s a powerful thing when you yourself can connect with yourself and therefore better connect with another. Join us for a guided Meditation and a fun Partner Yoga flow. There will be moments of stillness and powerful connection and moments to let […]

Lifestyle & Weight Management Program

Three months. One goal. No more “starting over.” If someone were to tell you that you could change the trajectory of your life in three months, would you believe them? You’d probably go through a string of thoughts like, “I’ve heard this before” and “here we go again.” Which is quite understandable given how inconsistent […]

Join us for the 2022 AHA Heart Walk!

If you’ve been a part of the AFS family for some time, you’ll know that we like to join the AHA each spring for the Heart Walk: an interactive event where people from all over America join together to raise money for the hearts of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and children all over. […]

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Hey, it’s the body of your blog! If you don’t like small font, let’s make it bigger! Let’s add a picture to this sucker! Wow, very pretty! Hey, what If we need to hyperlink to a different page?

ASE + AFS Corporate Wellness Collaboration

ASE + AFS Corporate Wellness Collaboration As Michigan’s premier HR resource organization, ASE recognizes the need to keep employees healthy and well. Doing so improves culture and, productivity, reduces absenteeism and healthcare costs–ultimately improving the bottom-line–and sustains the spirit of a workforce. In an effort to bring cutting-edge programs based on the science of wellness […]

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