ASE + AFS Corporate Wellness Collaboration


ASE + AFS Corporate Wellness Collaboration

As Michigan’s premier HR resource organization, ASE recognizes the need to keep employees healthy and well. Doing so improves culture and, productivity, reduces absenteeism and healthcare costs–ultimately improving the bottom-line–and sustains the spirit of a workforce. In an effort to bring cutting-edge programs based on the science of wellness and positive organizational culture, ASE has partner with Applied Fitness Solutions. This partnership will allow all ASE member organizations to access AFS’s corporate wellness resources at discounted rates as well as receive a complimentary Corporate Wellness Needs Analysis.

Wellness that works at work.

Just as a ping pong table tucked into a dark storage room isn’t enough to spark and sustain a positive culture, a free yoga class in the lobby once a month isn’t enough to light the spark that inspires employees to prioritize self-care. Your team deserves MORE. But “more” is hard to deliver without letting operations and key objectives slip. Applied Fitness Solutions is dedicated to being the trusted partner that bridges the gap between positive intentions and positive outcomes. Do more with your employees today by teaming up with AFS for one of our engaging workplace initiatives.

The AFS Corporate Wellness Methodology

Each organization has its own unique DNA that must be considered with any strategic initiative, corporate wellness is no exception. Every aspect of organizational structure and cultural must be explored and carefully considered when designing an effective wellness program. The AFS Corporate Wellness Needs Analysis does just that by analyzing the following critical factors related to organizational wellness:

  • Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  • Employee Demographics and Psychographics
  • Healthcare Claim and Worker’s Comp Data (optional, but encouraged)
  • Current Organizational Strategic Initiatives
  • Objectives and Desired End-State for Corporate Wellness Program

AFS utilizes a comprehensive approach to collecting data that can be scaled to each organizations desired scope and depth. Likewise, AFS applies the Appreciative Inquiry methodology during all aspects of its discovery to ensure spirit of positive curiosity and excitement within the organization.

To discuss how AFS can conduct a Corporate Wellness Needs Analysis at the scope and scale your organization is looking for, please complete the contact form below. We look forward to having a collaborative and appreciative discussion on how to maximize the wellness of your organization.

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