AFS Registered Dietitian Webinar: 9/9/20


“Get off the Diet Treadmill and Start Living Your Life” Featuring Mary Balog & Bella Diaz


Mike Stack will host a Q+A with AFS Registered Dietitians, Mary Balog & Bella Diaz, to discuss traditional fad diets, diet culture, and an alternative non-diet route that has been shown to improve health and happiness. They’ll shed light onto the science and health effects of dieting, as well as what the research says about two alternative approaches to health: Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.  Is it really possible to be passionate about your health AND eat all the foods you enjoy? Tune in with these experts to find out!


Wednesday, September 9th @ 6:30pm online via Zoom! 

Meet the RD’s:

Bella Diaz and Mary Balog are Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists at Applied Fitness Solutions who work with individuals to increase health-promoting behaviors through nutrition. They utilize a non-diet approach, specializing in helping their clients to make peace with food & step off the dieting hamster wheel!

Bella Diaz


Bella’s background is in human nutrition through Michigan State University. She also works in private practice where she specializes in the treatment of individuals with disordered eating and eating disorders.


Mary Balog


Mary’s background is in dietetics, culinary arts, and food systems. Aside from AFS, she works at Argus Farm Stop, a farmer’s market in Ann Arbor, where she promotes relationships between farmers, local food, and the community.

3 Takeaways Participants Can Expect to Learn:

  •                 Understand the long-term effects of dieting
  •                 Learn about alternative approaches to traditional dieting
  •                 Discover how to start implementing non-diet principles today

What’s the cost and how do I register?

There’s no cost for participating, simply click the link below to register!


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