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AFS COVID-19 Rochester Update Page


Heartfelt Thanks For the Support 

NO BILLING 5/1/20 (We’ve Started a New GoFundMe)

With the Stay At Home orders now extending into mid-May, AFS is once again faced with the reality that we will NOT be running the autopayment on May 1st; which generates almost all of our revenue as a business. As we’ve said before, we are committed to not billing clients if we cannot be opened; it is the only right thing to do during this difficult time. Although we have been approved for some government funding, the financial impact of these funds is quite minimal compared to the overall financial cost of running AFS for even a short period of time.  Given the already fragile financial state the company was in before the pandemic, those funds will not provide the support we need to minimize financial losses in our business. We are also well aware that the months ahead will be difficult even when we are allowed to open. While some enthusiasts will eagerly rush back into the gym, a great deal more will be extremely hesitant. We anticipate the government will impose reduced occupant capacities in our facilities, further limiting utilization. All of this adds up to a turbulent financial period ahead for AFS. The money we will raise from this fund is simply to minimize losses and, therefore, be able to maintain the operations of AFS, given the uncertainty that lies ahead. If anyone is curious as to our specific financial position, or how this money will be used, we want to be very transparent and are happy to share. Please email AFS CEO Mike Stack (stack@4afsfit.com) for this information. We are very aware that many small businesses are experiencing the same financial hardship and uncertainty we face, we empathize with them, and can only hope they will be blessed with the same strong support from their community as well.

Just as we did in April, the AFS team will be operating in full force to provide the virtual experience of streaming workouts, yoga, expert talks, and more on our community HUB page. We’ve committed to keeping this community open access for all who need it and have adopted a “Take what you need, leave what you can” approach to operating the hub. If you’re one of our many avid supporters, we greatly appreciate the donations you made in April and if you have the means to do so we will humbly accept them in the month of May as well. For those who may be slightly less familiar with AFS, but have been getting some value from the content we’re putting out, we simply ask that you consider a small donation. For any who are engaging but simply do not find themselves in the financial situation to give, we totally understand and are eager to serve your needs during this time anyway.

Thank you all so much for your love and attention. AFS is what it is because of you.

Much love from our family to yours,

AFS Team

New AFS GoFundMe Page (Click Image)

Other Ways To Support

  • Write your local AFS a google review: Rochester, Plymouth, Ann Arbor
  • Invite as many friends and family to the VIRTUAL HUB as possible
  • Get friends from out of town to reach out to sawyer@4afsfit.com about remote coaching

#SWEATLOCAL tanks and tees: coming soon (When we know when we’ll be re-opening)!

General Questions email info@4afsfit.com


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