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On April 1st a membership auto payment is scheduled to be extracted from all AFS member accounts. We (as a company) have decided NOT to process this auto payment. This means there will be NO fees deducted whether you’re engaging with our online community or not. We feel that the very reason we’ve gotten the support we’ve gotten from our community is that we’ve always tried our best to put the greater good ahead of our own. So even though our survival as an entity is in question, this is not the time to change who we are. We’re certain there are a good number of AFS members who are facing a financial hardship right now and extracting those funds without a building for them to come to simply is not an option for us. If you want to continue supporting the AFS team during this time, all options for doing so are listed below. 

*Important note: remote coaching only members will be the only ones billed during this time, but that’s a very small group of people.

GoFundMe For our Staff

We’ve received amazing support from our community in the month of March, but there is still a vast portion of our client base that we haven’t heard from. So although many of you have generously instructed us to “bill you as normal” we haven’t been given that assurance by everyone. For that reason we do not feel it’s ethical to process the billing on April 1st if we aren’t open. If this was simply an ethical decision with no other repercussions, this would be easy for us. The difficult part is that without processing the April auto payment, we don’t have the funds to pay our team.  On Friday 3/20 we met with our team to make this decision together. In what felt like a scene from a movie, our entire team unanimously chose to “lay themselves off” (including leadership) and to work as volunteers to keep the AFS experience alive during the month of April. As of yesterday every member of AFS’ full time team has filed for unemployment AND every member of that team will be sticking around in April to provide you with everything we can to help you get through this hard time. For those who were planning on supporting us by continuing your AFS payments, or for those who are tuning into the group and want to support the team, we have created a GoFundMe of which the funds will be used to make up for the lost income our team experiences during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ways To Support

  • Donate to the GoFundMe to help our staff pay their bills during this time
  • Purchase a gift certificate for a friend: email
  • Pre-pay for your membership: email
  • Write your local AFS a google review: Rochester, Plymouth, Ann Arbor
  • Interact with our ancillary offerings: purchase a few personal training sessions: email
  • Invite as many friends and family to the VIRTUAL HUB as possible
  • Get friends from out of town to reach out to about remote coaching

#SWEATLOCAL tanks and tees: coming soon!

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