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AFS at Four80 Fitness


New Beginnings

Hi! I’m Jared, the guy in the picture above these words. Five years ago I moved back home (to Rochester) to open my own Applied Fitness Solutions location after working at our headquarters in Ann Arbor since it started back in late 2008. If you’re reading this, you’re here because you’ve heard we’re going to be moving locations and joining forces with our friends at Four80 Fitness. I’m sure many of you though, have no idea what Applied Fitness Solutions is or that we’ve even been operating here in your community the last few years, so let me catch you up!

What’s Applied Fitness Solutions?

This is probably less a “what” question and more a “who.” AFS is a group of humans dedicated to creating a fitness environment that’s a welcome fit for those seeking guidance and support with their health and wellness goals. Our classes are akin to “group personal training” but each member of the group has a program that’s been individually prescribed to them. If you want more info on what I mean by that–>When we make the move to Four80, we’re bringing our most popular offering with us. It’s called Strength Solution. Check it out then meet me back here.

AFS has three Michigan locations: Ann Arbor, Plymouth, and Rochester. We’re not a chain, in fact we pride ourselves on being the “Cheers of fitness” in every town we operate in (where everybody knows your name.) For the past five years, my team and I have had the time of our lives becoming part of the Rochester community, and thanks to an absolute stroke of luck, or karma, or whatever you want to call it, we are going to have the chance to keep our business alive thanks to the great people at Four80 fitness. Before we talk a little about our transition to Four80, I want you to get a sense for what we’re like. Below is a video my teammate Nate made documenting the past year as our community has navigated the pandemic. The act of kindness we’ve received being welcomed into Four80 is just the latest in the sea of support we’ve been swimming in since the onset of the pandemic. Last spring, during the mandated closure we stopped charging membership fees (because it was the right thing to do). During this time, we ran free online and outdoor classes and the community turned out to support us raising over $200k to help us weather the storm. See more in the video!


Can AFS help me?

You probably expect me to say, well yes! No matter who you are, Applied Fitness is the right option for you. That’s somewhat honest. We do have a much more diverse client base than I’ve observed at most gyms, however we’re really best suited for those who need and want SUPPORT. If you’re an exerciser who enjoys creating your own programs, exercising alone, and thrives on self support, I don’t think AFS is something you would see a lot of value in.  However, maybe you’d like to get to that self sufficient point, but you’re not there yet, that’s our kind of person! Young athletes find our approach particularly appealing because they can get a lot of training bang for their buck. On the same token, really anyone who is passionate enough about the time they spend in the gym to optimize it, finds our approach helpful. Busy parents, working professionals, or retired weekend warriors who want to continue moving and doing the things they love.  You can check out some of our client stories for yourself if you want! Here are a few below.

Patty and Pericles



AFS inside Four80

Check out the video above! My team and I will be starting our strength solution classes and personal training at Four80 on June 1st. We’ll be occupying the big open group exercise room that’s adjacent to the workout floor where all the machines are. We will also bring some of our most popular “novelty” type experiences with us such as our outdoor pop up workouts!  Check out the video below!


In addition to bringing our current clients over to Four80, we’re opening our doors to you and are ready to start answering your questions now! If you or your young athlete is interested in working with us, tell us your story on the contact form below and we’ll get in touch with you!

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