AFS 2.0 FAQ Page

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 *We’ve put a form at the bottom of this page to ensure any and all questions about our change over to AFS 2.0 get answered. If your question/concern isn’t answered in the FAQ, send in a form and we’ll get with you asap! This includes any desired membership changes.

 So, is the new model just an “open gym” then?

No. The spirit of AFS remains stronger than ever. A member would choose to come to us because they want guidance and support with their training. We won’t be aiming to attract those who simply want an open gym and frankly there are much cheaper options if accessibility to equipment and amenities is the primary need. We’re confident there are people out there searching for a more private, supportive approach.

 Is the new model for all 3 AFS locations?

No, this is for Ann Arbor and Plymouth. AFS Rochester is now moving into another company’s facility so we will not be able to adopt this model. Should our relationship with our new landlords grow, there is a possibility of something like this in the future.

I’ve never done strength training before and I’m not sure if it’s for me

Two options:

    1. Just try it! The last 11 days of July (from the 19th on) the SS setting will be available to all clients to try, you just have to reach out and let us know you want to try it (so we’re ready for you with the right workout and proper staffing to handle new clients)
    2. Do a “Foundation” PT session with a Fitness Practitioner (FP) to assess movement needs and technical ability. They’ll guide you to the most appropriate way forward. This foundation session is part of our new onboarding, normally it runs $75. For current members we’re only charging $50 and all of that money will go to pay our FPs. We feel this is a good way to help our team financially while also helping our members make a comfortable transition to a new training opportunity.

I have a family membership currently, how will my payment be affected when the new membership structure begins?

In our new unlimited structure,  add-on pricing is very simple:

1st add on: $99.

2nd add on and beyond: $49

The new structure will be highly beneficial to our families.

I will give the new structure a try, but what If I prefer a smaller setting more like what I’m used to?

 We’d encourage everyone to try the new expanded strength first -you’ll have 11 days at the end of July before memberships transition over to the new structure to do so. If after trying it you find it doesn’t meet your needs. We have small group training with any FP that runs $30/session.

I don’t want to lose my standing strength time

Worry not, all current members will have their standing times translated directly into the new setup.

How do you sign in for a strength class in the new model?

For those who do not have standing times set up yet, you’ll have the ability to sign up for standing times through our mobile app. You are NOT REQUIRED to sign up for standing times as we will also have open slots for you to sign into as late as an hour before your desired class. Single classes can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. If you have more questions on scheduling use the form at the bottom of this page.

Can I come more than once a day?

Strength classes will be limited to 1 visit per day, however you’re welcome to come do FS as much as you like. Keep in mind, your strength classes will still be programmed by us, so if you plan on increasing your visits, be sure to get with us so we can update your program.

*Honor system: Our new system won’t work if our members sign into classes and don’t use them simply to save their spot. Please help us by refraining from doing this. No shows for a scheduled strength class are subject to a no show penalty billed at $25.

 Won’t some times in the new model be busier than others?

Yes, to a point. We will be capping attendance for our strength solution classes to ensure even the busiest times provide a good experience for our members. The flexibility of our new system allows us to have extra help in the room during popular times.

I’m currently doing small group training. Will I have to pay for small group AND the new membership in full to enjoy the benefits of both?

No you won’t. Our team will be finalizing the plan for this type of person in the coming days. Stay tuned!

I’ve always done FS and that’s all I want to do. Where does this leave me?

We will still be running automated FS classes all day long and at busy times we’ll have an FP in the room cueing/correcting/modifying just like before. Future utilization and demand will dictate how we will staff FS.

Our external market analysis tells us circuit training utilization is diminishing. This trend began before the pandemic.

-FS classes company-wide were at 24% capacity in Jan of 2021, whereas SS classes company-wide were at 81% capacity in Jan of 2021.

-FPs are also doing small group training at $30/session for clients who are interested in a more individualized circuit style workout…Keep in mind, circuit workouts can be prescribed in the SS setting as well!

Can I still do the virtual membership?

Yes, this will remain $35/month.

I want to bring a friend, how do I do that?

Just shoot your facility GM an email and cc your friend and we’ll make sure to help accommodate.

Ann Arbor:


Why are you making all of these changes?

The sum of the changes we’ve laid out represent our best chance to survive and thrive. In saying that we mean numerically, culturally, and spiritually.

The “reset” that has taken place due to Covid was our chance to do away with pieces of our business that were weighing us down and dial up the pieces that define our strength.  We’re fully aware the changes we’re making come with trade-offs and sincerely hope that anyone who sees a downside in our new way forward will stick around and try the new model to assess if the upside is worth it.

Our intention remains to do our best to support our community. To be the place you look forward to coming to.

As things take shape, we certainly look forward to welcoming you back.

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