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Fitness Coaching

You deserve more. Our program provides the benefits of working with a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. That’s just the beginning.

What Coaching Means To Us

We are living in the future. Every piece of information, every opinion, every resource we need is at our fingertips thanks to the internet. Nutrition advice, the latest research on exercise science, self help literature, it’s all there. Yet, we still have trouble making new habits stick. We excel at creating change, but we fail miserably at maintaining it. How do we know this? Google told us! -Insert winking emoji.

At AFS we’ve discovered that lasting positive change requires more than intent and intellect. We believe it requires connection. Social and emotional. This means we spend more time getting to truly KNOW our clients than we do their relatively simple outcome goals. Because underneath those goals are the feelings every human is reaching for. We create these connections and truly make our members feel heard, and more so feel safe-so they can do the work to understand the connection between what’s going on in their heads and their inability to move past barriers.

Sounds deep. Does this mean we just sit in circles meditating and don’t get any “work” done? Absolutely not, in fact we’re doing the easy work (what you see on the outside) and the hard work (what goes on inside) at the exact same time.

Becoming a member at AFS means surrendering to the fact that you are an imperfect human. And being welcomed by an entire community of imperfect supporters, encouragers, and teachers. All the resources you need are available, we’re here to help align them through the lens of YOU.

Extra guidance is included! At AFS, we don’t think you should have to do this alone, that’s why our entire service model is centered around support. From the coaching you get at the start, to the ongoing connections you’ll form-we’re with you.

Below are brief explanations of the components of the AFS community:

Personal Coaching: As each AFS client gets started, they’re assigned to his or her own coach (degreed and certified personal trainer). Based on your goals, personality, and needs, we’ll match you with the coach or coaches we think can serve you best. Think of them as the little wellness angels on your shoulder.

Accountability: Life’s full of ups and downs and we get that. Part of serving you as a human is recognizing what kind of accountability you need. Sometimes it’s a motivating message to nudge you back on track, other times it’s a tough love conversation to lovingly tell you what you need to hear. Or a hand written card to simply let you know we’re thinking of you. Accountability doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Body Composition Analysis: All of our members have access to our Inbody self assessment tools. These advanced machines are highly accurate and easy to operate. An assessment of this kind costs extra elsewhere. Not here, and you can assess as often or as little as you like.

Nutrition: No cookie cutter diet plans. Our aim is to look at the whole you. To learn your lifestyle and your habits. Once we understand what you need to work on, we’ll direct you to the AFS resources you need to learn and grow. Once you solidify a new healthy habit, time for a new goal! We do change slowly. We do it sustainably, and if you’re in for that, you’ll never have to do a diet again.

Supplemental Exercise Prescription: If you need it, we’ll prescribe “homework” for you based on your unique goals and lifestyle. From corrective exercises performed to prevent injury, to hotel room workouts for when you travel, we’ll spell out in precise detail the workouts you’re doing outside of our gym. It’s a great way to take your AFS workout with you wherever you go!

Your relationship with us is the single-most critical aspect of your program at AFS. We’ll provide the individualization, support, motivation, and accountability you need to reach your goals. All we ask is for your trust.



Corporate Wellness

Utilizing the same “more than fitness” approach as our in studio classes and coaching, AFS has an entire suite of corporate wellness services designed to support your organization’s wellness-centric culture. Whether you’re aiming to spark conversation and interest, get your team moving, or simply get them thinking, tag us in and let’s have some fun!

Engagement options include hot topic lunch & learns, outdoor “pop-up” workouts for team building, wellbeing workshops, and our signature 12 week wellbeing challenge.

If cultivating a healthy culture is important to your organization (big or small) we’d love to help!

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