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Achieving your endurance goal requires a plan that addresses fitness, nutrition, body composition, and injury prevention, but most importantly fits into your busy lifestyle. Your endurance athlete plan will be individualized to your unique needs in the following areas:

  • Assessment: Body composition analysis is performed to ensure appropriate changes in muscle and fat mass during training. Movement screening and gait analysis is performed to determine injury predisposition and need for corrective exercise.
  • Nutrition: Full dietary analysis is performed on all endurance athletes. AFS Performance Coaches will provide suggestions on dietary changes to make to aid in endurance performance. Although this varies based on the athlete, your performance coach will assist with day-to-day dietary changes as needed, as well as pre/during/post exercise nutrition strategies to maximize performance.
  • Injury Prevention: The core of AFS Endurance Solution is keeping our athletes healthy. Through proper training progressions, good nutrition, and proactive strengthening/corrective exercise your Performance Coach will help you get across the finish line safely.
  • Performance Strength Training: In order to be fast you have to train fast. Your AFS Performance Coach will prescribe strength training workouts for you to perform in our Strength Solution group setting. Workouts are geared to your ability level, and are designed to complement endurance training by minimizing soreness and muscle gain, while maximizing explosiveness, speed, and injury prevention.
  •  Individualized Training Schedule: Your Performance Coach will compose a training schedule specifically tailored to your ability level, lifestyle, and event. Weekly interaction with your Performance Coach ensures your schedule is manipulated and implemented properly

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AFS’ scientific approach to endurance training combined with your dedication and determination is poised to make this race your fastest race ever! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive professional level coaching to take your performance to a whole new level! From 5k’s to marathons, let your race coach help you run the race of your life. Contact Us!

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