Client Management

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Components of Client Management

AFS’s proprietary Client Management System is a multifaceted combination of several interrelated components, each one addressing a different essential aspect of your program to ensure you the results you desire. Experiencing client management firsthand as a client is really the only true way to understand its impact on your program. Below are brief explanations of the components of the AFS Client Management System:

  • Personal Trainer Assignment: Each AFS client is assigned to his or her own personal trainer who facilitates each aspect of client management. Clients are assigned to a specific personal trainer based on their goals, personality, and needs to ensure an optimal working relationship.
  • Accountability: Life can get in the way of everyone’s exercise program from time-to-time, and your trainer is there to help you through those rough times with motivating phone calls when you miss workouts, encouraging emails when you’re struggling nutritionally, and reassurance when it seems like your goals are insurmountable.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Numbers never lie, and this is certainly true with your body fat measurement. Bi-monthly body fat assessments with your trainer can reassure you if you’re achieving your goals and motivate you if you’re falling short.
  • Nutrition: Individual nutritional objectives are set by your personal trainer based on your unique fitness and body composition goals. Weekly food log analysis and using our proprietary rubric ensures you implement the nutritional behaviors and necessary dietary changes to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, and maintain them – forever!
  • Workout-Recovery Log Review: This log documents your exercise performance, incidence of injury, and other critical parameters associated with training tolerance to ensure you’re functioning optimally at all points to achieve your goals.
  • Supplemental Exercise Prescription: Your trainer will prescribe a workout for you based on your unique goals and lifestyle. From corrective exercise progressions performed to prevent injury, to hotel room workouts for when you travel, your trainer will spell out in precise detail the parameters of your workout.


Your relationship with the personal trainer is the single-most critical aspect of your program at AFS, as your trainer will provide the individualization, support, motivation, and accountability you need to reach your goals. Learn more about our pricing and services to get started.

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